We take care of the visual health of our patients with accurate, safe and technologically advanced studies, instruments and evaluation equipment. All our specialists are certified and trained to carry out studies and evaluations under the highest standards of quality, safety and professionalism.


Similar to geographic topography showing hills, valleys, and the physical shape of the landscape. this corneal map will indicate whether the shape of your eye. Mapping the surface of the cornea in addition to allowing us to see the unique irregularities of each of your eyes and design your lenses to suit you. The study will help you understand and monitor the evolution of Keratoconus and other vision problems.


A study to identify areas where there is vision loss and measure the extent of these. It allows detecting diseases that affect the optic nerve, such as papillary drusen, optic neuritis (inflammation) or those caused by trauma; as well as vascular diseases of the retina and pathologies such as glaucoma.

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Street: Linares 88, Col. Roma Sur
Alc. Cuauhtemoc, CP 06760
Tel: +52(55)5574.2884 and +52(55)5564.4642
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Monday to Friday from  10:00 am to 7:00 pm
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