Virtual Reality at Home

Did you know that 80% of your child’s learning is done through vision? That is why it is essential that your children not only see objects clearly, but that they can control and manage their eyes in a way that they can integrate the information with the rest of their senses.

With the Vivid Vision Virtual Reality program, your children can strengthen their learning and reading skills as they prepare to:

  • Control the movement of their eyes to be able to read “running”.
  • Fix your eyes on objects, which allows you to more easily locate texts or elements.
  • Develop their “peripheral” vision, that is, they learn to see beyond what their eyes are focusing on.
  • They learn to recognize both sides of their body, control it, balance it and balance it.
  • They train their visual memory, which will allow them to better retain the information they receive.

How does it work?

Vivid Vision uses “binocular glasses” and a wireless controller that will recreate a life-size 3D virtual environment without the confines of a television or computer screen. With these two elements, your child will be able to interact with the games and activities by moving freely to complete the exercises.

This program is organized into 4 main categories:

1. Anti Supresión: asegura que ambos ojos trabajan por igual para asegurar una visión “completa” del entorno para que tu [email protected] a procese mejor la información que recibe en su salón de clases, la comprenda y tenga mayor capacidad de atención.

2. Stereopsis or Third Dimension: develops the abilities of precision, speed and distance at which objects are seen. So that your son has better control of his body, reducing the “shocks” with the objects that surround him.

3. Oculomotor: ensures that both eyes have wider, faster, more precise and controlled movements. These activities will help your child to better read and understand the information they see on the blackboard in their classroom and copy it more easily into their notebook.

4.Perceptual Visual Processing: develops the fine skills of discrimination of details, forms, differences and synthesis of information so that your child can better discriminate and analyze the learning they receive in the classroom.

All activities have different levels that are regulated from the most basic to the most advanced according to the needs of each child. Vivid Vision is programmed for a quarterly training at home, however, remotely the program is modified during that time, to improve and establish new challenges that allow the desired objective to be achieved.

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