The therapy is designed to facilitate the development of a more efficient and complete visual process. It is a personalized program of activities aimed at training, making the visual, cognitive and corporal skills more flexible and agile.
As sight is an innate sense, we are usually not taught to train and master it. By doing so we can improve our vision, learn faster, better integrate information with the other senses and carry out any personal or work activity in a more relaxed, simpler way and in less time.

Vision therapy can treat a variety of vision conditions:

⦁ eye strain
⦁ Amblyopia (lazy eye)
⦁ Strabismus (turning of the eyes)
⦁ Convergence insufficiency
⦁ Traumatic brain injury (concussion)
⦁ Object tracking dysfunction (saccade tracking)

Benefits in Visual Problems

Vision therapy not only involves training the eye muscles, but also includes the training and development of the eye-brain connections (neuroplasticity) necessary for clear and comfortable vision. This is why it is often recommended after strabismus surgery to retrain the visual system.

Vision therapy has been shown to greatly improve visual skills such as:

⦁ binocular vision
⦁ visual processing
⦁ eye movements
⦁ eye alignment
⦁ Focus and Accommodation
⦁ Joint work of the eyes

Benefits in Kids

A child must learn many crucial things between the time he is born and the time he starts school. During these years, they learn at a faster rate than at any other time in their lives. Unfortunately, the proper development of a child’s visual system can be hindered by a variety of factors. Childhood illnesses, head trauma or injury, problems during pregnancy, hereditary conditions, and environmental circumstances can all contribute to improper development of the visual system.

Visual development is key for a baby to reach their maximum cognitive development, school learning and even her athletic abilities. Any problems with your child’s visual development, if caught early, can be remedied more easily, often with eye exercises or other fun activities.

Benefits in Athletes

Sports Vision Therapy is a personalized program aimed at strengthening the communication between the eyes and the brain to improve the visual skills necessary for sports success. Some of these visual skills include: hand-eye coordination, depth perception, dynamic visual acuity, and peripheral awareness.

Great professional athletes like Larry Fitzgerald, All Pro Wide Receiver of the NFL are witnesses of its benefits:

“Optometric vision therapy made a huge difference in my life and career. I was lucky that my vision problems were detected early in my life.”

Talk to one of our specialists, it is possible to take your game to the next level, even if he is not a professional NFL player.

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